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Broken, beat and scarred

2010-11-29 22:50:19 by Sh0ckFyre

All riiiiight, car accidents and heart breaks! WOOOOOOO!!!!

Yeah thats why I've done fuck all over these last few months. My poor, white ass was involved with a nasty car accident that left my Miata totaled, both my legs broken, and two of my ribs cracked. In all honesty, I don't even know how the hell I'm alive today... I t-boned a Ford F150... Not my fault, he pulled out in front of me. So anyway with the insides of my Miata now resting in my lap and my legs crushed under a few hundred square feet of twisted metal, I honestly thought I was screwed...

...And then I woke up in the hospital. This was really fucking stressful on my relationship with the missus... I want to be a good guy for her, but I can't really do much when I can't walk. Well I'm three blocks of text in and I haven't written what I've been up to.

...Writing a novel, actually! I've started to write a story about America losing World War 3 and resembling mid-Final Solution Poland, what with all the concentration camps and whatnot. I've also taken up a mighty fine interest in EVE Online. Fuck that game is good. Voice acting for the most part will probably be severely limited as breathing in itself is a chore.

Also, who's that pimp emerging victorious from his doctor's office?

Well, not a pimp, but... You know.

Broken, beat and scarred


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